Belgian Golf League 2019, here we go !


The league will start on June 15, at Golf de Rigenée, and will end on November 2, at Rinkven Golf Club -  where the finals will be organized.

The clubs compete against each other throughout the season, like in other sports (football, hockey, basketball, etc.), through their best players and promising young players in a team spirit.
This competition takes place in the form of a simple and linear championship in the participating golf clubs.
At the end of the championship, the club with the most points is crowned champion of the Belgian Golf League.


Christophe Descampe, President of the Belgian Golf League :

“Thanks to the success of the past edition, we decided to set up also a championship for ladies, with 8 clubs. We are very happy to promote them! Since we have focused on the introduction of ladies, we remain at 10 clubs for the men championship. Team spirit, good golf and fun are essential for the development of golf “

The objectives for 2019 remain the same as in 2018.

  1. More passion :  give the opportunity to the good players to compete each other more often.

  2. More experience : Gain experience at the highest level for the best players and young golfers.

  3. More team & club spirit : Federate players in an annual championship and in a collective & club spirit, with a good atmosphere. 

  4. More promotion : increase media coverage and promotion of clubs and players by communication tools

In order to bring even more importance to each gameday of the championship and more promotion, the clashes will take place on the same course. Each club will host all teams once on the season!

An individual ranking is create, which will reward the best players in the league, with the complicity of the brand Michel Herbelin.

And finally to give more fun during the competition, small contests will be organized, in partnership with some brands, during the clashes, (nearest, ...)

Good luck to all participants and be proud of the colors of your clubs ! 

Schedule for 2019

  • 15/06/19 : GAMEDAY 1 : Golf de Rigenée

  • 29/06/19 : GAMEDAY 2 :  Golf Château de la Tournette

  • 06/07/19 : GAMEDAY 3 : Cleydael Golf Club

  • 03/08/19 : GAMEDAY 4 : R. G. C. de Belgique

  • 31/08/19 : GAMEDAY 5 : Golf de L’Empereur

  • 14/09/19 : GAMEDAY 6 : Golf de 7 Fontaines

  • 21/09/19 : GAMEDAY 7 : Latem Golf Club

  • 06/10/19 : GAMEDAY 8 : R. Waterloo G. C.

  • 19/10/19 : GAMEDAY 9 : Golf de la Bruyère

  • 02/03/19 : FINALS : Rinkven Golf Club

Nicolas Degrave