Belgian Golf League Corporate is born

Great off-course & on-course experience for your guests, in a unique championship between companies

Following the success of the Belgian Golf League and with the aim to involving its partners we have decided to bring them together and other interested compagnies in a similar league.

The Belgian Golf League Corporate is organized around 5 golf events (9 holes), in a unique format (4BBB Match Play), with all the services to invite guests, clients, in a modern golf experience.

During these events, the BGL’s partners & corporate teams will play, as the clubs, in a similar competition and will enjoy the atmosphere of the Belgian Golf League.

All-in experience for your guests

- Access to the 5 events

- Private welcome with gifts

- Company outfit for your guests

- Catering before the game

- Keynote speaker (15min)

- Refreshment & activations during the game

- Drink & networking after the game

- Clubs cleaning

- Pictures

- Complete digital management App (score card, results, ...)

- Official supporter of the Belgian Golf League


The battles of the Belgian Golf League Corporate are played on Friday afternoon on 9 holes, ahead of the days of the BGL. Playing 18 holes in more than 5 hours is over. For sur, your guests will enjoy this new format of event around, passion, networking and team spirit.

Friday 15/05/2020 : Golf du Bercuit | Day 1

Friday 12/06/2020 : Golf de l’Empereur | Day 2

Friday 25/09/2020 : Golf de 7 Fontaines | Day 3

Friday 09/10/2020 : R. Waterloo Golf Club | Semi Finals

Friday 23/102020 : Golf de Rigenée | Finals

Typical BGL Corporate Day

Morning you are free for your business !

- 13H00 : Hello | Registration & Welcome Gifts

- 13H30 : Keynote speaker & buffet | Be ready for the fight

- 14H30 : Tee times | Let's the battles begin on 9 holes | 4BBB MP

- 16H30 : Drink & Networking

- 18H30 : Bye Bye | Have a good week end

Digital management

Thanks to the App WE ARE MATCH PLAY we developed a specific BGL Corporate digital universe.

All companies will have direct access to a management module on their phone (scorecard, results, ranking, ….)

How does the BGLC work ?

- The championship is played in direct confrontations (companies are grouped in different pools). The companies face each other once.

- Each company must be represented by minimum one worker and a guest, or 2 workers for the 5 events. Players can be changed

- Each confrontation between 2 companies consists of 1  4BBB Match Play of 2 players with handicaps. 3 points for a win, 1 point in case of tie

- Companies are ranked according to the number of points awarded to each of them during the competition. The league will ended by semi-finals & finals according the ranking with all companies

More Info HERE

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